It is said that the shooter at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh was concerned about “invaders” coming to the US in the migrant caravans. He thought Jewish people were assisting those in the migrant caravans and that was not okay with him.  He was a deeply hateful anti-Semite.

Can you imagine what the members of the Tree of Life synagogue are experiencing right now because of one man’s hatred?  I can’t imagine how devastating this would be for them, for anyone to be attacked in such a way, and to watch loved ones being killed.

I looked at his picture.  He’s white.  I’m white.  Obviously our ancestors crossed the pond at some point making both of us the descendants of invaders as well.

What makes someone like him the judge and jury of who can come to America for a better life?

Looking around at Trump’s Christian fan base, they seem ignorant to the fact that our country is crumbling by the day.  A portion of Trump’s Christian fan base thinks other issues are much more urgent, such as those who would celebrate that Satanic holiday Halloween.  I love Halloween, so take from that what you will.

My country becomes more baffling and broken each day.  This hatred festering in our country has got to stop.


9 thoughts on “Invader”

  1. My great uncle, who legally immigrated from what was once a British colony in Honduras (following my grandmother), calls these refugee seekers invaders as well.

    Invaders are enemies. America needs immigrants because we have an aging population and less babies being born. I wish my great uncle could walk a mile in their shoes and see that legal immigration isn’t easy anymore, that it’s a luxury people in danger can’t wait for, and that these people aren’t our enemies.

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  2. My wife and I say the very same. We don’t recognize this Christianity that promotes a ‘self-served before others,’ instead of an ‘others-served before self’ philosophy. And it seems pervasive. Thanks for blogging! We enjoy your posts.

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  3. All countries have a mixture of ordinary people and dissenters – America has dissenters but what makes your dissenters different is that they have guns. I am an outsider and from the outside looking in, it seems to me that the within the path down which America is heading, the years of 1861 – 1865 are merely a rehearsal for what may be ahead.

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    1. I agree with your comment, and that potential reality is frightening, especially as our divisions have become greater under our current President. Thanks for your observation.

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  4. Our country has historically been “great” because of — not in spite of — the waves of immigration that enriched our commonality through our differences. Sadly, the current climate of hatred encourages ignorance and reduces complex issues to fear-mongering sound bites. It’s so much easier to blame the “other” than to take personal responsibility and actually think.

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