Another Summer Fades Away

This time of year is always bittersweet.  Summer always goes by so fast, and then the kids are back in school.  My daughter went back to college, and my son in back in high school.

I always have dreams about what we will do as a family in summer.  The kids are older now and doing their own thing so family time is precious.

Trips to see my mother and assist her also compete for my time.  I don’t know if this stage is temporary, but right now my mother’s memory problems seem to make her more relaxed and more pleasant of personality than what she normally is.

At this time of year I often think about how I’d once thought about homeschooling my kids.  I wonder what homeschooling families do when mom gets sick.  I have been slogging through some medical issues since spring and this thought just crossed my mind.  My mom didn’t home school us, but she wasn’t “allowed” to be sick.  When we were old enough my sister and I could help with various chores.  Probably at a certain point we were too clueless to offer help.  My dad would have never thought to vacuum or load the dishwasher or deal with school issues.  What happens to home school when mom is sick?  My dad would have been qualified to teach some high school math and most college math I am sure, but he would have never made the day to day commitment to do so.  He did help us from time to time, but often his answer was along the lines of “You can use calculus to solve this in a matter of seconds”, but since we didn’t know calculus we remained puzzled.

This year my son is taking chemistry and will be reading some Hispanic literature as it was written in the original Spanish.  Two things that are certainly far above my pay grade.  I did take some high school and college chemistry, but most of what I learned is stuck in a locked compartment in my brain, and I don’t have the key anymore.  Reading literature written in Spanish….not in my skill set at all.  I could attempt some French literature, I suppose, but my brain is rusty there as well.  I’m grateful that my son has school and sports to keep him stimulated.

The bloom of summer is fading for me, just as it is for the world.  Time for the next season.

5 thoughts on “Another Summer Fades Away”

  1. Winter is slowly receeding and already we have had some lovely warm and sunny spring days.I even sat outside with the dog and my laptop and did somke work sitting at the table under the umbrella. It was a really nice warm day with a temperature around 28c – nice. That was last week. This week we are back to winter again, cold, damp and overcast. Still, I have the thought of last week to keep me going until the next nice day.

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  2. All things I think about too–the possibility of homeschooling, the sadness over summer ending, and dreams for next summer. It’s hard when they go back to school–and must be harder still when going back to school means leaving for college.

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  3. I get so sad when my girls go back after the summer. We have them the choice of home school, but it’s quite unusual here so they opted mainstream.
    On the flip side, I’m that person who helps out when classes go beyond mom’s paygrade with computer studies. My students dial in from all over the world & I love it. Home schooling isn’t about doing everything yourself – it’s about doing things differently.

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