What Would Dad Say?

My dad has been gone for a long time.  I often wonder what he would say about certain events.  He died previously to September 11, 2001, and that was one of the first times I’d had that thought.

My dad had been a lifelong Republican, but I don’t think he would recognize the party as it is today.

I was talking to my mom on the phone the other day.  My mom is beginning to have some memory problems but she still watches the news.  She was talking about all of Trump’s criminal associates but stumbled to remember their names.  I supplied the names as I could, Manafort and Cohen.

After our converation ended, there was a notification on my phone that John McCain had passed away.  My dad, like McCain, was a Navy man.  My dad of course did not graduate from Annapolis, he was an enlisted man.

A few years ago, when Trump questioned whether McCain was a war hero or not, because he’d been captured, I felt my dad roll over in his grave.  What would my dad have said about Trump’s remarks.  What would he have said about such a man who would  mock a veteran?

What would he say about Trump, a sitting President, whose behavior has been so egregious, he has not been invited to the funeral of Senator John McCain.

What would he say when it was other politicians across the aisle who would come to the defense of John McCain.

I don’t think my dad could imagine such disgraceful behavior.  For the people that still support Trump, how do you reconcile yourself with such disgraceful behavior.


16 thoughts on “What Would Dad Say?

    1. Yes and time was when politicians insulted each other politely;
      Lady Astor to Winston Churchill “Sir, it you were my husband I would give you poison”
      Churchill’s Reply “Madam, If I were your husband I would drink it”

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  1. when I was growing up in Glasgow, Scotland, my dad told me “There are two types of people in the City of Glasgow. Those who live on the South Side of the river and those who don’t” What has that got to do with anything – well it seems to me there are presently two types of people in the United States, those who support Trump and those who don’t. And from what I have seen of late either side is prepared to use violence to advance their cause./ and use violence if they don’t get what they want. It does not bode well for the future of America.

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  2. For some, it’s not about the behavior but about who he is believed to be. I can’t say that I agree with his behavior 100% of the time, but there are a few things (and I mean being able to keep the count on one hand with some fingers left over) that he has done that I do respect. When it’s all said and done, he is still the leader of our country, like it or not. I’m not a wild fan of this predicament, but since I feel like God has allowed him to be there, my job is to pray for him to make decisions that are spiritually (*gulp*) correct. I hold the same belief about all of my current political leaders.

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    1. Hi, thanks for commenting. My dad was a respect the office kind of guy, but I think some stuff Trump has done would have just been too much. Here’s hoping Trump sees the light.


  3. Very well said. I am sorry you lost your father. I am not a Republican nut I think it’s criminal to lump in all conversatives with Trump. Trump is something all together; a madman who was never expected to get elected ( hey that rhymes) with so respect for anyone including America. It is a sad state of affairs we live in

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  4. Looking, listening and watching from the sidelines, I think the majority of americans are aghast presently with actions and behavior of DT. I often consider the lives of past American Presidents like Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt and they are people to study and admire their example.

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