Mollie Tibbetts

Mollie Tibbetts body was found just two days ago.  Mollie had been jogging on July 18th, and was reported missing on July 19. Her cause of death has been reported as multiple sharp injuries. I hate that people have taken to Twitter etc to make this a political debate. I just can’t imagine being a parent and seeing your child die before you, and in such a horrific, senseless way.  I can’t imagine being her parents and trying to grieve while everyone is arguing about their political take on the issue.  Can’t her family have just a little bit of quiet?  Times like this, I think our society would do better without social media.  Such a sad sad situation for her family.

8 thoughts on “Mollie Tibbetts”

  1. For sure social media is majorly to blame. Not everyone should be given a megaphone to express their thoughts.
    The thing is that EVERYTHING is politicized nowadays. I can’t even watch a movie without having all sorts of forced messages pop up at me.

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