Throwback Thursday…Renewed Strength

At work this weekend I met a man that melted my heart.  He was an elderly man with cancer which had begun metastasizing.  Though he was still undergoing treatment to fight the cancer, he was beginning to think that death was nearer than he would like.

Despite his circumstances he was incredibly gracious, more gracious than I would imagine myself to be in those circumstances.  We only spent an hour together.  My role was to help him, but it was he who provided me with awe and wonder. Though the subject of our conversations mostly were on the serious side, at the end of my shift I had a renewed strength in why I had pursued nursing as a career.  Even though there are many above me who dictate what I should do as a nurse and make more money, it is I who provide the hands on care, that receives the real gifts.

I’m not sure if I will see him again, I won’t forget him though.

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday…Renewed Strength”

  1. I have felt this with the people that I have volunteered to visit through hospice. I generally get so much more out of it then the patient. I have the utmost respect for nurses, thank you for the work you do.


  2. I spent many years volunteering with people suffering from cancer, or at the end of their lives – many of those connections were a blessing. Only those who have been there can understand. Thanks for sharing.

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