Throwback Thursday…Big Hair and Bright Pink Lipstick

Waiting, in a daze.

She hears a song.

Wistful about times gone by.

a moody eyelinered man sings about love, and love lost on a mix tape now discarded.

Music beams her back.

Permed hair, lots of hairspray.

Bright pink lipstick.

A skirt that swirls just a bit, tanned legs

Dancing, feeling weightless, no pain.

Her eyes are closed, feeling happy and tranquil.

Lost in memories of friends and good times.

Then, “ma’am, MA’AM, its your turn”.

Nothing like being called ma’am

to jolt one back to harsh reality.

Not much to say about this one, except that I confess to having big hair at one time.  In summer the bright pink lipstick usually went with a tan, in the days when I didn’t worry about aging or skin cancer.

2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday…Big Hair and Bright Pink Lipstick

  1. Once upon a time
    She worn bright pink lipstick,too
    A dark brown bikini
    Chosen because it matched
    Her dark brown skin
    So exactly
    That from a distance
    It looked as if she was
    Dancing naked on the dock
    Drinking Bartles and James
    cheap wine coolers
    And now..she wishes
    She had the bikini,the tan
    And the time to dance
    On the dock

    👣❤ Jeanna’

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