I’m a quiet person.  Sometimes that is a virtue.  Sometimes my silence makes me my own worst enemy.

As I’ve become older I’m not as quiet as I once was.  The part of my brain that would paralyze my ability to form words has decreased its power over me.  I’ve had to do some self talk to move out of my shell.  Being a nurse means lots of talking, so to do my job many words are  required.

Get me behind a keyboard, and I can write scathing emails if the mood strikes me. I try hard not to express emotions through texts or emails.   In real life though there is something that usually tempers my words as they form in my brain and pass through my lips.

Silence is also something I crave on a daily basis.  Real life can be overstimulating.  I need silence as an antidote to pollution of everyday life.

Daily prompt: silent

10 thoughts on “Silent”

  1. Yes, we need space to make a sentence. Oritwouldlooklikethis (explanation: or it would look like this)
    It implies to our lives too, sometimes we need silence to fill in, to be the gap, to distance ourselves, to simply rest.

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  2. I have a similar disposition towards silence. After a noisy day I literally crave silence as an antidote. I have been following your amazing post for quite some time now, but never received any notifications. But now the problem has been taken care of by WordPress.

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