I wrote previously of my nemesis at work in this post.  I had thought she quit, but it turns out she only left for a leave of absence.  She is returning back to work soon, how lovely.  She likes to find fault with others, always making little snipes about something petty.  I compared her to Frank Burns, a character from the sitcom M*A*S*H.  Frank Burns was a surgeon who was often critical of others, but was also a hypocrite who couldn’t see his own faults or the big picture of what it meant to be an Army doctor during the Korean War.

She’s a pest, that fly that won’t stop buzzing in your ear.

I like to think I maintain a professional demeanor most of the time.  I lost it with her though.  I told her people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.  She didn’t get it.

Oh well, I think I know how to handle her now.  I won’t let her get me rattled again.

7 thoughts on “Nemesis”

  1. Lolol @ Frank Burns…the guy….nobody…liked (and half the time was in denial about why). Seems a perfect comparison to what you’re describing 😂


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