As a kid I spent many hours at the local pool.  It costs 50 cents to get in.  I’d either walk there or ride my bike.  Funny how memory works, I can even remember some of the swimsuits I had.  There was a beautiful patterned suit with varying shades of green. Then there was one inspired by the American flag.

I took swim lessons there.  They lined us all up in the shallow end and barked instructions at us.  Lessons were in the morning.  Then I might turn around and go back again in the afternoon just to hang out.

Shimmering turquoise blue water, always welcoming.  I worked on trying to do a somersault off the diving board.  I would see how long I could swim along the bottom. I’d race against my companions.

When I needed a break from the water I’d work on my tan.  I was a serious tanner back in the day.

The pool, the water, the sunshine.  My summer sanctuary.

4 thoughts on “Pool”

  1. I, too, took swimming lessons as a kid. I took to it like a duck to water 😜. They would drop colored balls in the water and tell us to bring up a certain one. Good times! Nice post!

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  2. I was hooked on going to the pool during three summers– 81, 85, and 86. I don’t remember why I seldom went during other summers when I was growing up. I have fond memories of the music from 81. I was swimming the first time I heard “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield. I swam so much that summer that part of my hair turned silver blond from the chlorine.

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  3. Yeah, I think I remember seeing you there. I was always too chickenshit to say hello for fear you’d turn me in as the really old geezer trying to pick up the hotties. Oh, well; water under the bridge, eh?

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