Morning.  I have never been one of those people who can pop out of bed at the first buzz of the alarm.  The earlier I must get up, the more planning I must do.  I set my alarm to plan for several pushes to the snooze alarm.  Ideally I have time to sit and wake up some more, but sometimes that just ends up in more dilly dallying in the quest to awaken and join the world.

Over the years I have worked all sorts of hours as a nurse.  If I am working an earlier shift, I think it works out best for me to plan as much as I can the night before.  I even try to economize my steps to not wander around the house like the half awake person I am. I have my outfit planned the night before, everything is right where I can find it so I don’t have to go searching.

The morning shower gets me going.  I have to have a morning shower.  I am not one of those people who can shower the night before.  My day won’t go right if I am too rushed to miss this essential part of the day.  Plus my hair will look greasy if I don’t wash it. Sometimes in the winter months I will skip the hair washing part..not so in the hot summer.

If I have coffee, it has to be before I brush my teeth.  Earlier hours will mean a simple breakfast.

Even though the getting out of bed part can be painful, there is something rewarding about getting up early and having a head start on the day.

2 thoughts on “Morning”

  1. At 5:30 my alarm goes off. I get up, dressed, get the leash on my associate and by 5:45, we are out on our morning walk. It’s cold (so well rugged up), dark and peopleless and we generally have a good walk on our set winter route. Back to the house, treat for the associate and breakfast and coffee for me. Benji (the associate) likes a bit of toast, so we share. That’s generally how my day begins – unless, of course, there is heavy rain – he goes back to bed and I read a book.

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