Be My Catalyst

I look for inspiration everywhere.  Inspiration to counteract the shadow of depression.  Inspiration to tell me there are others who have much heavier burdens in life but manage to survive and thrive.  Inspiration from anyone and everyone.  Inspiration from a friend or someone’s written word. I want to be that golden woman kissed by the sun with a smile that tells the world she can still run the race.

4 thoughts on “Be My Catalyst”

  1. 🙁It’s awful. I know it well. This is a great perspective though, and one of the only ways I get out when I do. You have to find the ways that ‘work’, so to speak.

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  2. Believe it or not, it can be helpful to see yourself as an inspiration. It is not an easy achievement to cope with depression long term while maintaining a career and keeping your family whole. You have done those things.

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