Summer Snippets…Walk

I was feeling lazy.  Lazy like I could drift off to sleep if I stayed on the couch much longer. Was it my depression making me feel that way, I knew I had no reason to be genuinely tired.  There was also a spot of pain in my lower back.  Normally that might be an excuse to continue laying on the couch.  A little voice in my head told me my back(and the rest of me) would benefit from a walk.

The dog and I left in the car in search of a walking trail we’d never visited before. Husband was busy with yardwork.  The teenage son does activities much more strenuous than a simple walk.  Side note…I wish I could burn as many calories as he does.  So it was just me and the dog.  The dog is always a willing companion.

Our new walking trail was delightful.  Part of the trail was surrounded by trees on either side, shutting out the modern world…except the pavement I was walking on.  There is something so peaceful, so renewing about being amongst the trees.  If you try hard enough you can shut out the buzz of faraway traffic, and concentrate only on the sound of the wind and the song of the birds.

Once we left the wooded area of the trail, I enjoyed looking at the wildflowers.  Of course I wouldn’t be completely honest if I didn’t enjoy the people watching.  People out enjoying a sunny day.  People committed to staying active one way or another.  Nicely tanned muscled men running and biking.  I’m married, but I can still look, discreetly of course.

The dog and I came home, tired in a good way.

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