Summer Snippets…Savor

Life has been stressful this summer.  My mom’s health is declining,  My sister is not handling the situation well.

When I am at home with my children and husband, I try to savor every moment.  In the house I grew up in, stress from outside could mean turmoil inside.  The stress was like a snowball gaining momentum as it came down the hill.

I’ve always tried to do things differently as a parent and as a wife.  Sometimes it is hard, as there is still this deep down tendency to want to lash out at others.

I am grateful for my family.  They are my soft place to fall, a safe port in the storm.

I have been savoring every moment with my family.  Soon school will start again and I won’t have so much time to enjoy with the kids.

I’ve been trying to make our home one where others can savor as well.  I truly enjoy doing thinks like making a nice meal.

Of course my husband and kids know what is going on with my mom.  I just don’t want that situation to be the dominant theme in my home.  There is still plenty of love to go around.

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