Growing up I struggled to have some sense of privacy.  Those of us of a certain age will remember telephones as a device which had a cord that kept you tethered to a confined space.  We had two phones growing up.  If I used the one that was in a slightly more private area my mom would be sure to start buzzing around.

If I received a letter via snail mail, it would be a mistake to keep it around if it contained anything vaguely controversial.  Once I’d sent a friend a letter confessing I had mixed feelings about going through the Confirmation process in the Catholic Church.  She wrote me back, my parents found the letter and the parts where she referenced my feelings…well there was trouble.

I’d always had this notion that if you had a letter sent through the post office, it was for you alone, and it would be illegal to someone else to open it.  A few times my mom “accidentally” opened my mail, including my bank statement.  Because she accidentally opened it, she still then had grounds to yell at me about the information contained in the bank statement.

Experiences like that growing up taught me to guard my privacy more closely.

The digital age has changed things of course.  We do little personal communication via snail mail.  Many of us don’t have a landline, so there is cord to confine us to a limited space.

Some married people think that you should be open and let your partner have every possible password..for your phone, email, etc.  I don’t think that it is necessary, and honestly it isn’t a topic my husband and I have ever discussed.  Just because I am married doesn’t mean my husband needs to know the details of an email, etc, that a friend may have sent me…and vice versa.

What about you do you think you have the right to your spouse’s passwords?  Do you open his or her mail?