False Promises to a Longer, Healthier Life

Want to live the longest, healthiest life possible?  Common sense tells us to enjoy all things in moderation, eat your fruits and veggies, get plenty of exercise, sleep,  and have a good support system.

Broadly, of course these are good recommendations.  But then we take them a little too far, especially in the blog world.  It  is easy to find these promises, just research some of the more common diseases we hear about…diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, take your pick.  Of course how could I forget depression?

If you’d believe the internet, extreme diets and supplement usage can prevent most anything. Eat a kale-garlic-watermelon smoothie and you won’t get cancer.  Take a bizarre combination of supplements to ward off your risk of getting Alzheimer’s.  One can “cure” diabetes, if you just buy “my ebook” which reveals to you all the food secrets your doctor won’t tell you.

In some cases, recommendations to prevent disease come from a good place.  It was once thought that Vitamin E and selenium supplementation could prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Of course the real winners ended up to be the supplement companies.

If you believe some of the hyped up claims, do you then blame someone you meet when they are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, cancer or depression.  Do you think to yourself “If only they ate a better diet, and cut out all grains”  Do you stop to consider there may have been genetic or environmental factors that contributed to their disease?

I saw a rather careless post about some super smoothie preventing cancer.  I got really mad. Because in my family tree and the family tree of my husband, it just hasn’t been that simple.

6 thoughts on “False Promises to a Longer, Healthier Life”

  1. I think it is too easy to say that people are stupid to be taken in by these claims. I don’t believe this – I honestly believe that people are desperate enough to believe that this might actually work and I can save my loved one. The problem is that these snake oil salespeople know this and they exploit these fears and the desperation and that’s despicable. If people thought about this rationally they would know that it’s garbage, but I think when you are desperate, rationality goes out the window.

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    1. Agreed. People, on average, look for the minimum to gain the maximum. People also are also led on the promises of false hope.

      With regards to health, there really are no secrets. Eating right, exercising, not smoking or drinking, and being active in the mind give you the best chances to live a healthy life. That said, in this time of science we live in, people forget that sometimes life happens. Sometimes people just get cancer or have accidents and unfortunately, people do pass away, sometimes rather young.

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    2. Edgar and Jared..thanks for stopping by. Yes I believe desperation gives a different lens in which one views the claims.
      I stumbled across a guy selling a “system” to reverse hair loss in both men and women. I have a hard time just walking on by when someone makes bold claims. He claimed to be a biomedical engineer but used a lot of pseudo-scientific terms. He hinted at some solutions on his blog to reverse hair loss…”unclogging” your liver, stopping drinking, etc. My dad did the opposite of his recommendations while he was alive…drank, had measurable liver damage, but had almost no hair loss. I could see how many people would be desperate enough to buy this guys system.


  2. Whenever we see infomercials and commercials for the latest products that make crazy health claims, my dad often says things like, “If all these products worked, everybody would be thin, healthy and look like they were 20. I agree with Jarrod C. Eat right, exercise and take care of yourself. It’s pretty basic stuff but it doesn’t make for high profits. Also, you’re right Kate, there are many other factors such as genetics and environment. There’s a cartoon I saw years ago with a mouse in exercise gear jumping rope. The caption read, “Eat Right. Exercise Hard. Die Anyway.” We do what we can and let nature do the rest. Great post!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by KeciaJoy! Even though I wrote this post there is still temptation occasionally to succumb to the latest product. The newest one to catch my eye was vitamins to enhance your hair growth.

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