There is a Carrie Underwood song called “Jesus, Take The Wheel”. I’ve always like the song, but never thought it applied to me. There is this belief that I hold that I must always be in control and self-reliant with the world, I must not let others know that I have weak spots. Of course a few people know that the cool calm exterior is just a facade.

I’d mentioned before in my blog my husband is facing some health challenges. We are still waiting to see what the potential magnitude of those challenges will be. As we make our way through the journey of marriage, it has recently really hit me how me how much my husband is both a source of strength for me but also my soft place to fall.

As he undergoes his own challenges, I know that I must be strong. I’ve had this thought though that I wish I had some one to hold my hand and guide me to do what is right through these challenges.

I go up and down on my spiritual journey. Having a source of strength, and a spiritual anchor draws me in. At times like this I often feel a pull to find a Catholic Church to pray in. Of course there is just that little minor fact that I am no longer a practicing Catholic. But it feels more like home than any other church I have attended. And my husband is not and never has been Catholic.

Jesus Take The Wheel