Goal setting…and reality

I often daydream about this and that.  How I could radically transform my life in just 30, 60 or 90 days.

I design the transformation plan in my head.  It usually includes some sort of strict exercise regimen, and giving up unhealthy foods and adding in healthier ones.

The transformation plan will always start on Monday.  It can’t start sooner because I plan to have at the very least a bacon cheeseburger and some ice cream over the weekend.

The plan to a new glorious me will often fail these days because by Monday I forget all the spartan details I’d etched into my mind on Friday night.

When I was younger and my mind was sharper, I used to fill spiral notebooks with the details of my plans.  I’d have homemade graphs with boxes to check.  Reminders to myself of what to do and what not to do.

It used to seem like the old spiral notebook was one tool to get me where I wanted to go. The act of physically writing things down seems to be an important part of the process. But I can be arrogant about the need to write things down, even though the arrogance doesn’t serve me well.

Maybe I should buy myself another spiral notebook.

9 thoughts on “Goal setting…and reality”

  1. whilst i was reading this, i thought, is this me writing? I do exactly the same, i come up with a great plan of action but then my execution of it is poor to say the least.

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    1. Some food for thought: Instead of setting a strict deadline that is likely not going be met and accepting it as failure, work to create small positive feedback loops to build confidence and progress.

      For example, let’s say something as simple as, instead of drinking five cups of coffee a day, I am going to only drink four.This is a small step that is easily achievable. Then you can build from there. It is very difficult to often turn your life completely around. As a result, people become frustrated and give up. It isn’t because they can’t do it but they become defeated and find it is easier to go back to what they know rather then deal with the feelings of defeat.

      Also remember that one step back in a change isn’t failure. Use steps back as learning moments to grow from. But if you decide something like you aren’t going to have dessert three days in a row, and have it one day out of the three, you aren’t a failure. You didn’t achieve that goal but you did meet it two out of three times. it is a step forward.

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      1. I can relate to that. I have set up blogs before only to throw the towel in early because of a lack of views or becoming defeatist at the first challenge. Your right, I have never managed strict deadlines or setting up a set numbers of posts per week. I like to write when something drops into my head and be spontaneous rather than force it because I have to.
        Thank you for the advice. Appreciate it.

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      2. As far as the blog, write as you feel. Hopefully you are utilizing it to express yourself in whatever manner you feel is appropriate to doing so. I always tell people don’t worry about views or followers.

        If you want to have more followers and more interactions, be genuine in your writings and visit other blogs and leave comments. Regardless of the topic, people always respond to what they feel is genuine. Working to build a following takes time but it is a two way street. People want you to be interactive with their own thoughts and feelings.

        Best wishes!

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  2. Omg I’m literally right there with you 😊 I know I need a serious transformation, and I’ve even done it before! But for some reason, I can’t seem to even figure out how to get started this time ❤️

    We’ll get it done somehow! Standing with you! 😘
    ~The Silent Wave/Ms Wave 🌟🌟

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  3. Thanks everyone for commenting! I’d meant to come back to everyone’s comments but then somehow real life got in the way! The goal setting will always be a work in progress!


  4. Yes, planning is always easy, it’s just hard to actually get started. I’ve been overweight my whole life, and finally my plans actually came to fruition. I’ve now lost 32 pounds over the past 6 months and couldn’t be happier. I would love for you to check out my blog and social media outlets!
    My blog is titled em_gets_fitt__
    Insta: em_gets_fit__
    twitter: em_gets_fit__

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  5. Making a plan is always more exciting for me than actually doing what I have to, aha. But it’s just getting into a habit, and then it will just be a part of life. Try putting a checklist on your plan so you can tick or fill it in every day, might help a bit

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