Oh, darling dog

I do love you so

But you know I just don’t wake up as easily as you

It was 5:30 AM I thought you were having a bathroom emergency

with your insistence I wake up, even though  your bladder works better than mine.

You are smarter than I give you credit for,  you really didn’t have to go pee.

You knew there was freshly fallen snow outside, what else would a being want to do at 5:30 AM but go romp  in the snow.

I wish I could have your joie de vivre at this cruel hour of the day.  Really.

But it is time to come in from the white stuff, mama wants to get back under the covers.

2 thoughts on “Oh, darling dog”

  1. My alarm is set for 5:40 and by 5:50 the dog and I are on the road. When we come back, about an hour later, he gets his treat and I put the coffee on. We don’t go out if it’s raining and sometimes it is, but we don’t have snow in this little corner of the universe — which I suppose is a bit of a bonus. :o)

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  2. Edgar, my dog would love that schedule! She definitely is an early to bed, early to rise sort of creature. Going out in the cold and snow isn’t a deterrent for some dog walkers, but my brain usually doesn’t start working well enough to put on all the extra layers at that hour.


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