Keep Your Hands Off My Antidepressants

I’m sure I have written these sentiments before, but I feel it is time to do it again.

I am the one that has struggled with depression for most of my adult life.

I don’t need you to tell me your rapid fire method depression cure.  Exercise is not a wonder cure.  I am happy if it is for you.  I can tell you when I was younger and more physically active, I was very deeply depressed.  Although my circumstances in those times were that I sometimes walked miles a day, there was no endorphin high.  Even as a teen, the times that I likely got hours of hard exercise,  I was probably depressed but didn’t recognize it as such.

Don’t tell me pills are harmful.  You don’t know what is best for me.  I’ll assume the risk.

Don’t tell me about your herbal remedy.  Maybe it works, maybe it doesn’t.  Herbal doesn’t mean safe.  Herbal doesn’t mean our bodies clap and cheer when we ingest something natural, and recognize a pill as something  as something inferior.  After all, cocaine and heroin come from natural sources.

You think I am weak, and if I just put my mind to it, I could power through it.  Well that approach has yet to work.  Believe me I have tried many times.

For now I need the help a pill can give, something to boost me out of the fog and darkness. I am sorry if you don’t understand.

10 thoughts on “Keep Your Hands Off My Antidepressants”

  1. No one has the right to judge you, or should have an opinion on whether or not you should be on them apart from you or doctor! Well said.
    A recent problem I have been reflecting on is, what about the opposite? What about the friends that think that I shouldn’t have come OFF meds? They think I have done it for the wrong reasons that that I was better off on them, but surely this should be my decision too? Difficult.
    Hope you are doing OK x

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    1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’m okay. I don’t think there is a one size fits all approach to depression.
      As far as your decision to stop taking medications that is a deeply personal one. Only you know what is best for you. There could be any number of reasons to stop taking medications.
      I have been through many periods where I didn’t take antidepressants.
      For some people they help you through a difficult time.
      The last time I restarted taking them again, I firmly believe I will stay on them for the rest of my life.
      Best wishes to you.

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  2. I totally love this post, and I totally get where you’re coming from, too.

    I struggle with depression at times. It happens. There are SO many possible reasons for it. Maybe it’s one of the many nutrients the body hogs in order to make brain chemicals responsible for our mood. Maybe it’s grief over a monumental loss. Maybe it’s memories from a traumatic childhood. Maybe it’s a bug like a chronic bacteria or virus, or even a fungus or parasite. Or maybe it’s hormonal. Maybe it’s toxins. Maybe it’s adrenal or thyroid dysfunction. Goodness only knows. Getting to the root cause is ideal, of course, but not always feasible. Sure, exercise has helped me sometimes. Other times, herbs have helped. Other times, a change in diet to healthier foods, more protein, more fruits and vegetables, more whatever and less whatever-else. Sometimes it’s as simple as getting enough sunlight or simply reading. Acupuncture, meditation, etc have all helped me greatly at one time or another. But sometimes? Nothing helps. I’m in a funk, and there’s nothing else I can do except wait it out for a few days. I was on medication for it at one time, too, and seriously, there’s no shame in that. If the depression is severe enough, it’s what you need. Especially if getting to the root cause isn’t feasible. It’s expensive; sometimes I get lucky and just by making some healthy choices I can resolve a lot of my health issues; many times, they’ve gone away on their own. But that’s not always the case, and that’s where meds come in. People mean well, and I’ve been guilty of doing the Suggestion Thing too, but although it’s well-received at times, it may not be all the time, because some people have thought of various remedies and maybe even tried them already, and all the suggestion does is bring up the memories of “failure” and lost hope. Not only that, but some remedies work faster than others, and not everyone has the time to wait for them to kick in. So yeah, I completely understand where you’re at; I’ve been there; you’re not alone 💐❤️

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    1. Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment. Many suggestions people make have merit, they just haven’t been helpful for me. Speaking of sunlight, my mood usually gets better as the days get longer and the promise of spring gets closer.

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