Thoughts on the Women’s March

Just a bunch of random unconnected thoughts and observations.

My boss left on Friday to attend the march in Washington.  No way would one of the peons been given the time off of work to attend.  On Saturday, I worked part of the day.  Later in the day I helped schlep a neighbor’s kid around, his mom attending the statewide march.

As I understand it there were no arrests in Washington as a result of the women’s march. That is  a lot to ponder.  I generally don’t trust the words peaceful protest because, well there is always the potential for one person to fly off the handle, but a group of mostly women managed to pull it off.

Is there one universal group of issues these women represent?  Are these the issues most important to me?  I’m not really sure.

People say women’s rights are human rights?  As a mother is there space for me to articulate what I see as important issues for my son and his peers? Do mothers who have only daughters see these things differently? Where do those issues fall into the category of human rights?

Do celebrities like Madonna have concerns for the issues their sons might face, not just their daughters.  Honestly, if there is another women’s march, let real people speak about their struggles.  I am so tired of celebrities and their opinions.

Would I have attended the statewide march even if I had the day off…I don’t know.  Are the women I know that attended either the statewide march or the one in Washington interested in hearing opinions that might be different than their’s..I’m not sure.

As you can tell, I’m not really sure what side of the fence I fall on.  I can say though that having a son made my thought process more complex.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Women’s March”

  1. it’s not males that are being groped and sexually harassed. why do you want to see this continue and for women not to voice their outrage? or do you still support the good ole boy system?.

    it is perfectly okay for men to start their own march. no one is prohibiting their freedom to start marching and voicing their issues.


    1. I will write a longer comment later. much of what I said was seeing a lack of a trickle down of what feminists/Democrats say their ideals are in the mostly Democratic area I live in.
      As far as sexual harassment goes yes women should voice their outrage. It bothers me though that the same people who are horrified by Trump still won’t acknowledge Bill Clinton as a sexual predator.


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