I recently tried to have a discussion with a gaslighter, to convince him of my truths and experiences.  If you don’t know, gaslighting is a psychological term where the gaslighter tries to separate another from their reality, to make them doubt themselves, and their sanity.  The more he tried to gaslight me, the more I wanted to speak my truth.  Instead I should have just walked away.

My parents would sometimes gaslight me when I was a kid.  I think my mom still does today.  I wonder, was she conscious of what she was doing?  I know she imagined my life in a certain way, if I told her something that contradicted that she didn’t want to listen.

Once, when my daughter was in elementary school, she came home and told me a story about her school day.  I can’t remember the details about the story but the words “oh, that didn’t happen” started coming out of my mouth.  I was mortified at myself for saying those words.  This is something my mother would have done so she wouldn’t have to deal with the reality of whatever I was saying.

Have you ever had an experience with gaslighting?