Yes, I will try making resolutions again!

Right now I am enjoying having both of my kids home during their winter breaks.  I’ll really miss the oldest when she returns back to college.

It seems once Christmas is over, when you live in a cold climate, you must steel yourself to get through the rest of winter.  Perhaps having something to focus on, such as a New Year’s Resolution  will distract me from the cold and snow.

I have two things I have been thinking about, family and aging.

As a nurse I’ve had the privilege of meeting many families throughout the years.  The ones who seem close knit and can bond together to support each other and their loved one during times of ill health always amaze me.  Perhaps this is because I never quite had this with my extended family.  However it doesn’t mean I can’t continue to make my best efforts to create this within my own family.  So there is my first resolution, to do the best that I can to be loving and create a loving atmosphere in which my family can flourish.  As I transitioned into my young adult years, I remember this being a time of conflict for my family and I.  I don’t want the same thing to happen for my college aged daughter.

My second resolution would be to take care of my physical body better than I did last year.I definitely need to make exercise more of a priority.  I’m not getting any younger so I want to delay some of those age related changes that can happen when one doesn’t exercise enough.  I already know my upper body strength isn’t what it used to be.

Happy 2017 everyone.


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