I’m a nurse.  My supervisor has changed staffing policies without telling anyone what was going on.  Fewer people to deal with challenging situations.  There is the potential for even dangerous situations.  I speak my mind in the easiest way possible…via the keyboard.

Venting my concerns gets me nowhere, in fact I find out that things are worse than what I understood as I correspond with two of the people involved.  What is funny is that M, a nurse that I have seen go from brand new grad to someone in a supervisory capacity…..would have protested mightily, and even cried, if someone told her that she would have to work under these expectations.  Now she’s a supervisor….she doesn’t care.

What I don’t understand about myself though, is why I have regret about expressing my concerns.  Is there a part of me doesn’t want to be seen as difficult?  Or maybe I should have thought more on the matter before speaking?  Or perhaps it is the sense of futility I feel about having wasted my effort expressing myself.  Or perhaps I feel as my external facade of having control and a stiff upper lip is starting to crumble and it scares me.