There is a drug commercial for psoriasis I think where different people say “See Me”, where they want to be viewed for their humanity and not their disease process.  I think all of have felt that we would like for other to see us as fellow humans on the journey of life, and not be labeled or mistreated for qualities that might make us different.

This election season is a painful one.  Donald Trump obviously sees women as little more than sex objects, not as fellow humans worthy of being treated with dignity.  I don’t think of the Clintons as friends to women either though.  I find it odd that many have looked the other way at Bill’s exploits, but are shocked by the behavior of Donald.   I have a hard time reconciling Hillary as a pro woman candidate given her husband’s history and her silence on the matter.  I’d read something somewhere about talking to your children about what the candidates represent and how they carry themselves…I’d say to my kids that we have a long way to go in how we treat each other as human beings.

I was raised by parents who were fairly conservative Catholics.  I attended Catholic schools.  I’m no longer a practicing Catholic, but I am not sure what Protestant denomination has what I am looking for.  I attended Catholic schools.  While I may have felt things more acutely than some of my classmates, I felt there was a background message of being less than.  We wore uniforms to school.  While you wouldn’t have seen it in print anywhere, the uniforms existed partly so the girls wouldn’t wear anything immodest that might cause the boys to stumble, or have lustful thoughts toward the girls. This sort of thinking has always bothered me.  Recently I saw a blog post where a man suggested that a woman’s visible bra strap caused him to have unwanted or involuntary sexual thoughts, he thought the woman with the visible bra strap was acting in such a way to be compared to sexual assault.  I found that really disturbing, obviously even though he calls himself Christian he is unable to see this woman as human but again merely a sexual object.  That isn’t the sort of Christian I see myself to be.

As I write this I know that I need to challenge myself to see the humanity in everyone.  I need to make sure I give my children that message as well.  If my children can’t treat others with dignity, especially those who are different than they are, well I have failed as a parent.