electronic shackles

I remember years ago getting to wear a pager for my job.  I wore it on some of my days off, primarily to be available for staffing issues.  I remember it making me feel vaguely important, even though it was an attempt to reach in the time that was supposed to be mine.  It was a reminder not to take any Nyquil, have a beer or travel too far away, just in case I would be needed to come in to work.  After my experiences with the pager, I was very careful not to take a job again that required one to be on call for staffing issues.

I was late to the cell phone thing.  I can’t remember why really.  Was I too cheap?  Or perhaps I had lived my life without one for so long, I just didn’t see the need.  An answering machine worked just fine for me.  My husband was just the same way.

Once I had kids the idea of a cell phone seemed more important.  I had your basic cell phone, always slow to get next great newfangled model.  I sound like an old geezer here, I know.  Cheapness strikes again, I suppose.

Before I really understood the concept of texting, one day I ate lunch with someone close to me that I hadn’t seen in months.  Her boyfriend, who was not at lunch with us, seemed to feel the need to text my friend throughout the meal, perhaps to keep tabs on her, I don’t know.  She explained to me that she had to text him back…..I wasn’t sure why.  I didn’t get why she couldn’t be away for an hour with a friend without the need to keep in contact with her boyfriend.

In 2016, while I certainly love the convenience of having a phone I can take with me everywhere, it still seems intrusive.  Deranged family members seem to  have little hesitation firing off vitriolic texts at any hours. A drunk family member seem to feel they can call at any hour of the day to incoherently ramble.  Of course I screen and don’t answer this sort of communication.

My husband doesn’t have the same antagonistic feelings toward electronics that I do…..but he uses his phone very little.  He isn’t the type to keep tabs on me during the day….he simply does not care about being in constant communication with anyone

Just because the technology exists to make me instantly available, if you are angry, drunk, or simply outside my circle of close friends and family, doesn’t mean I am required to be instantly available though.  Call me crabby, but that is how I feel.






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