These Silver Strands are No Treasure

I’m bound to color my hair for years to come, until I come to the point of acceptance.

Grey, silver or white is fine for others.  Not for me though.

My greys are few but quite noticeable.  The greys are like warriors, screaming to be noticed. They are coarse, thicker and sometimes even curly.  My normal hair is fine and silky.

I always start out by applying color on the stubborn little patch of greys near my hairline. I’ll be damned if one grey hair managed to win the fight after my latest attempt at coloring.  Should I pluck it?

Maybe the day my youngest graduates from high school will be the day I stop coloring.

I see plenty of lovely women with lovely silver strands.  I’m just not ready to join that crowd yet.

Lastly,  I am not ready to be more grey than my husband.

1 thought on “These Silver Strands are No Treasure”

  1. Ha ha. I started going grey early – a friend that I worked with showed up one day with beer and hair dye; said she couldn’t work with me if I was prematurely grey. Decided a few years ago to stop polluting my brain with chemicals (menopause is enough of a challenge), and now my hair is a combination of white and black – and I kind of like it – feel like I finally found my colour.


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