Sea Creature

I love watching the Olympics.  As I watched Michael Phelps swim the butterfly, for a split second he looked superhuman, like a mythical sea creature rising out of the water..a creature that has not been seen before.  A creature once imagine in ancient stories or perhaps yet to be imagined in a Hollywood blockbuster.  His strength and talent are just amazing.  He seems like someone born of the water, not of the land…where he can do things other mortals can’t.

I have always loved being in water.  I move more skillfully and gracefully in the water than I do on land. It seems like my pain and clumsiness that burden me on land disappear in the water.  The physical ease others have on land I have in the water.  I’m no mythical sea creature though.  Being in the water makes me feel more playful though, and for a few minutes I can dive and swim along the bottom of the pool and feel like just for a minute I could be one.

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