Mr. Sanders

I wish you had received the Democratic nomination for president.You fought a good fight.

I’ve stopped watching the Democratic convention for now, after I saw that Ms. Clinton had clinched the nomination.  I don’t think I can stomach watching any rah rah speeches for her.

Trump is a clown.  The Clintons have too much history for me to ignore.

What to do? I don’t know.  Perhaps  I should  research alternative candidates that have no chance of winning?

I truly feel this year more than any other year I have voted that my vote doesn’t matter.

I’m sure there are plenty of you out there who disagree with me and feel completely comfortable voting for Trump or Clinton.  I’m not sure I will reach that point.


4 thoughts on “Mr. Sanders”

  1. The election isn’t until November. Lots of folks don’t decide until October, or even pay much attention to the current hype and hoopla. You’ve got three months+ to do research. Perhaps instead of getting caught inside any bubble, you could concentrate on what the candidates themselves say, instead of what others say about them. It might be you’ll have to choose to vote against someone, rather than for someone. I’ve voted eleven times, and it’s been about an even split between the times I voted for and the times I voted against.

    And it isn’t as important a decision as the parties and candidates are saying. No president will determine what you do for a living, or influence the success of your relationships.

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    1. Yes three months is a long time. My dad who retired and died before 9/11, had a job that was dependent partly on the whims of elected officials who might decide to spend more or less on defense related spending.
      While he wasn’t directly involved in the manufacturing process of weapons etc. he retired(sort of forced into it) at the same time others directly involved in manufacturing lost their jobs. Not so much my dad ,but others lost a lot. So some lost a lot. That is more of a personal comment than I would normally make.
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


      1. I apologize for being overly global in my statement, and I’m sorry (of course) for the loss of your dad, but I do believe you can come to a decision you can live with in 90 days. Even if you don’t, the world and the country will roll on. Be gentle with yourself.

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