Musings on Depression, episode 5892

I’ve been having a hard time with my mood lately.  Feeling stressed about my job, and wondering if I should find a new one have been a catalyst for a real low.

I’ve been having some trouble falling asleep at night, but then during my waking hours at home I just want to take a nap.  My joints feel like they are on fire. Not sure what is going on with my joints but I feel as if it is worsened by my mood. My stomach has been bugging me and I’ve been taking too many Tums.  Not sure if the stomach thing  is stress related or something else.   I’ve been feeling more anxious than usual.

As I write this I am hopeful my mood  will lift in a couple of days.

I wonder how I would be navigating this without my antidepressant medication.  I’m curious when people think medication is an easy solution.  For me the medication is just one of the tools I use.

Some Christians think I could just pray my feelings away.  How do they know?  I grew up being raised Catholic and don’t recall any resistance from that branch of Christianity in regards to taking meds.  One of my classmate’s dad at the Catholic school I attended was a psychiatrist, so I would guess he didn’t see a conflict between his faith and prescribing medication.

This Christian poster claims that she knows a cure for depression and anxiety, and it is free!  All I have to do is open my heart to God!  If that method worked for her, wonderful. It hasn’t worked for everyone though, and perhaps implies that one who hasn’t been cured hasn’t worked hard enough in her relationship with God.  It is a harmful message in my opinion.    In another post she implies that a parent who has a small child loudly  running around the grocery store is a lazy parent who simply doesn’t try hard enough.  Of course she isn’t a parent herself.

6 thoughts on “Musings on Depression, episode 5892”

  1. It’s definitely not the Catholics who have a problem with meds. I suffer from Depression and PTSD and when I went to see my priest during the height of my last bout, the first thing he said was to be sure to take my meds. I’m not sure if it is a fundamentalist thing or not. It may be though because some I’ve spoken to think God is the single answer to everything. I have to say prayer helps me almost the same way mindfulness meditation does. A focus on being grateful for the things I do have does tend to lift my mood a bit. I also recommend listening to your favorite comedians on youtube! Laughter gets me moving sometimes when nothing else will. Good luck.

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  2. I too have walked with depression in my life (won’t even comment on prayer as a cure) and remember reading once something that did make sense to me: that there are over 100 causes of depression from biological to suppression of potential. Somehow, just knowing that made me feel better. When you described fire in your joints and problems with your gut, I wondered about biological causes. Have you had it checked out?

    I enjoyed your piece about the glittery co-worker – know exactly what you mean – stop with the show and get on with the job. Sounds like maybe you are ready for change?

    Keep posting, and thanks for dropping by my site.

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    1. Hi, thanks for your stopping by and commenting. I see my doctor in a few weeks and will speak to her about this latest episode. I’m a nurse and sometimes bad about self treating and self diagnosing myself when it would be better to ask for help.
      Thanks for the the comments on my Glitter post.

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  3. Kate, as a fellow sufferer of both depression and anxiety, I feel your pain. I don’t know your pain but I certainly sympathize. The message you saw is dangerous. The road to wellness is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Everyone must find their way and the roads traveled are as varied as the travelers. As you know there are resources to help, both freely available on the Internet, as well as more traditional therapy. Like you, I’m at a fork in my life…and I must make some tough decisions and life changes which will either help me reestablish balance mentally/physically/spiritually (which I believe is my road to wellness) but have some (career) potentially significant downsides for my family and me or continue down the same road living, or better yet existing, as I have. As I told someone recently, if it takes being this drugged up to keep going, then something’s wrong. That’s what my body and mind are trying to tell me…something’s waaay out of whack. Stay connected to those who are important to you, keep searching and trying new methods to find out what works for you…and as the first commenter suggested, laugh…a lot and out loud. I wish you all the best.

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