My daughter is weeks away from graduating from high school.  We get along well most of the time.  I try to do things differently from the way my mom did things.

We’ve been working through some of the details around graduation and some other activities going on  in the coming weeks.  I guess my opinions or my presence weren’t really wanted though.  I was just supposed to smile and nod.   So right now my daughter and I are going through a stressful time.   It is made worse by the fact that my husband thinks I should just smile and nod as well.

I’ve shared the whiny part.  Here is the unvarnished petty part that I want to say to my husband….Why was it always acceptable for your mom to offer her opinions unchallenged and for her to expect to be invited everywhere?  But the rare time I actually express my feelings it just isn’t acceptable?

The above is a shortened abbreviated version of how things have been.  I’m trying not to let anything snowball in an attempt to keep things “unicorns and rainbows” for the rest of the month given the upcoming events.  My mood doesn’t feel very unicorn and rainbowy right now.   I’m not sure what will make me paste a smile back on my face.