This and That

I need to find a job where I can exist in an isolated pod and not have to deal with people. Being a nurse is all about dealing with people.  It isn’t the people I care for though that frustrate me it is my coworkers.  Issue du jour is coworkers mysteriously disappearing.  I don’t do the sneaky thing.  I think I have been too laid back and now it is coming to haunt me, but not really sure what I would have done differently in this latest situation.  People say they are having an affair, who knows.  When I heard people gossip about them it would disappoint me.  Now I feel if your behavior is such that you give people ammunition to think such thoughts, I have less sympathy for you.

This might sound snarky, but have you every looked at a couple and wondered how they ended up together?  Perhaps one is more mature than the other?  Or one is perpetually unhappy or the other isn’t?  I’d love to ask but of course it isn’t my business.

I’ve written before about depression on my blog.  My mood has been pretty good.  I’m a little stressed out  about upcoming events like my daughter’s graduation, hoping family members from both sides can shut down the urge to cause any drama.  The work thing has me a little frustrated, but I hope to resolve the disappearing coworker thing.

Gratitude…glad I have a great husband and kids.

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