Time passes ever so slowly, if you ask my daughter.  She will be graduating from high school soon, and this last year has just dragged for her.

For me though this past school year has just sped by.  It seems like yesterday that she started kindergarten.  How is that she is ready to go away to college in fall?  I’m sure millions of parents manage this transition just fine.  I find myself almost tearful at times, but I’m trying hard not to be too emotional in front of her.  I guess I managed okay when she got her driver’s license, I can get through this as well.

It seems impossible that she is almost legally an adult.  I used to think high school graduation was not such a big deal.  But it marks a point in time where your child is getting ready to fly from the nest, even if they aren’t all the way there yet.  For her classmates that I’ve known since kindergarten, it seems impossible that they have all reached this point as well.

She is precious to me.  We went shopping together the other day and had some girl time. Of course our purchases were important, but spending time together just the two of us, those kinds of times I will never forget