Never Anyone’s First Choice

Reblogging generally is not my thing. However, I thought this was a terrific post. Much of what Clarissa talks about are things that I struggled with especially when I was younger. Very thought provoking.

An Offbeat Bluestocking

Something has been going through my mind– I’ve never been anyone’s first choice at anything.

Not for a best friend, favorite cousin, playmate, partner or even to work with a group for school.

Am I that unlikeable? Do I give off such a vibe that I don’t want anyone near me so they just stay away? For most situations I’ve alluded this back to my diagnosis of “Resting Bitch Face” which I’ve written in more detail here.  All my life i’ve felt like a misfit where’s there is never a place for me. When people are going right, I go left. When they inhale, I exhale. I cut corners on the grass instead of following the concrete path. Since childhood I’ve been so offbeat that I’ve noticed it affects my interactions with other people. At least, I’ve been letting it affect me in that way.

Learning about being a…

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