Somehow I’ve ended up following a few blogs without the faintest idea what motivated me to do so in the first place.  Was it an accidental click on my touchscreen when I was half asleep?  Or perhaps one good post that wasn’t reflective of the rest of the blog.  Today I found a blog in my reader that talked about coconut oil, Dr. Oz, and a magical diet potion that can only bought through a multilevel marketing scheme.  No thanks to any of those things.  Sorry if the author happens to see my post…those things don’t interest me.

I’ve discovered at work that I’ve gotten myself in to some bad workplace dynamics.  For lack of a better metaphor I need to teach some people to do their own fishing, instead of doing it for them.  These conversations won’t be easy.  I’m not your maid, fetch-it girl, or mom.  Easier for me to write it than to address it.

Can’t wait for spring.  I don’t think the dog can either.

I can’t take politics anymore, local or national.  People who are very strident about their own point of view just wear me out.  I tend to stay out of Facebook discussions…now I just need to avoid reading them.

7 thoughts on “Random”

  1. Arent u passionate about your views, too. by hearing opinons we learn the values of others.

    Whats scary is how fearful, hatefilled, greedy, shallow, uneducated, racist, sexist and selfish peope really are….and not ashamed to show it…and then claiim to be moral Christians.

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    1. Hi. Good comment. I consider myself slightly left of center, but live in an area which leans very heavily to the left so at times not much diversity of thought. Yes I wish Christianity could stay out of politics.
      One of the things that got me a bit peeved on FB was when another mom said it was “suspicious” that dads and male coaches showed up at a school board meeting to voice opinions about potential athletic cuts…as if only some are allowed to have a voice.


      1. Slightly left of center…lol…how do u gauge that?

        Most of us arent objective thinkers… And fairness flies out the Window.


      2. I’d probably be more willing to consider more conservative candidates if they reconsidered their views on topics like gay marriage. I support Bernie. It will be a very long time until November.


      3. No, don’t have a gun in my house. They make me nervous. I grew up in a house with hot tempers and volatile personalities, get a gun in the hands of the wrong person who knows what could happen.


      4. Did u see todays news video where a gun store was broken into..in houston.. And many guns stolen. I fear this armed society we live in.


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