I came out of my small cell which functions as an office to see a somewhat bewildered man standing by the reception desk of our unit.  Who is he and where in the world did he come from?

He’s a new employee who is desperately looking for one of the 889 username/password combinations we must remember.  I answer his question and he is off on his way.

He’s tall, with short mostly grey hair.  He looks like he is athletic, perhaps a cross country skier.  His face suggests he is much younger than his grey hair would suggest. He has a boyish charm, which is more evident when he smiles. He might even be younger than me, who knows.

Work is often tiresome and sometimes a bit of eye candy will brighten one’s day.  One would think a fortysomething year old woman wouldn’t get flustered in the presence of good looking man, but that is not the case here.  Even returning a smile and a hello makes me flustered. Hopefully my face doesn’t turn red. Forming a whole sentence, now that takes a lot of concentration.

I’m sure the novelty of my crush will wear off soon, but it is amusing for now, even when I get flustered.  Don’t worry though, my husband is my true Valentine.


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