Lent is here and as always it sneaks up on me.  I was raised Catholic.  In my family Lent was a doom and gloom experience with special rules my parents made up that I should have automatically known about the day Ash Wednesday came.

I’m no longer a practicing Catholic.  I consider myself a Christian who is in a rut in the journey of spirituality.  While I won’t go, times like Lent make me think about finding a Catholic Church on Ash Wednesday.  My husband and children aren’t Catholic so going alone would be awkward.

Of course with Lent I always think about what I can do to make myself a better person.  Is it giving up diet soda or some other vice.  Probably not, at least for me.  A couple of years ago cut down my time on the internet quite a bit, that was definitely beneficial.  Maybe a fast from the US presidential race would be in order.  Less irritation from the news coverage of the candidates would make me more at peace.

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