I Do Not Wish To Wear A Mask Today

As a female I’ve often had an ambivalent attitude about beauty and the expectations of femininity in our society.  Some days I’m fully engaged in putting on makeup,  styling my hair and cultivating a certain attitude…other days not so much.  In a previous blogging life I used to sometimes write ab out the the intersection of gender and religion, and how male and female roles are defined.  This post draws on that.

As I stand in front of the mirror, working on my eyes, the thought strikes me that I don’t feel like putting on eyeliner today.  Not only do I not want to put on eyeliner, I’m going to fly through the rest of my daily routine.  I simply don’t feel like wearing the complete mask today.  So it will just be a bit of light eyeshadow and some mascara for the eyes..nothing more.

As I finish blowdrying my hair, I think I will just leave it straight today.  I won’t bother trying to coax a curl out of it.  The natural look will do for today.

I finish dressing and put on just a light spritz of perfume.  I like to smell good.  I won’t leave that bit of artifice behind.

I arrive at work.  I am a bit drained today.  I don’t have the energy to used honeyed tones with my coworkers to get them to do the job they were hired to do.  If they need a bit of correction, I don’t feel like using the sandwich method to deliver the message.  If you don’t know what the sandwich method is it is putting the message of what needs to be fixed in between two compliments.  No thank you, I wish to be straight and direct today.

When I woke up in the morning I saw myself as God made me.  Somewhere along the line I became confused by a message that tells me being female is about masking the real me.

4 thoughts on “I Do Not Wish To Wear A Mask Today”

  1. I would skip the hairdryer too…it takes alot of time n damages the hair.

    I know exactly how you feel. Dealing w others takes alot of energy…esp the slow or toxic ones…plus we dont want to mess up and create more problems for ourselves.

    Even going to the store is getting to be dreaded. everyone is angry, frustrated, tired, on the take, sick or something.. I am one of those sickly ones so I try to be understanding of others. Pisses me off when some pollyanna stranger tells me to smile.

    You dont have to smile. Just announce u feel lousy.. And they wont expect sugar n spice.

    As for the grooming….Yeah, just the basics is all you need. dont waste energy trying to please others. Keep the perfume though.. Its aromatherapy. 😀

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    1. I will skip the hair dryer some days…depends how soon I plan on going out the door…..I don’t want my wet hair to freeze. Eye makeup is a big waste on a day like today my eyes watered from the cold wind.
      Yeah I don’t like being told to smile either.


      1. I have fine hair which dries quickly. showering is the first thng I do cuz it wakes me up. by the time I exit the house my hair is dry. Lately its been night showers to remove the days pollen.

        Sometimes I curl my hait at night and that Def requires a night shower. All my friends like my hair curly but its too much hassle n I have no need to impress my gf’s. or anyone else.. when the dear ones come to visit I do care more.

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  2. Nnice post, and yes I know the sandwich method, lol!!

    I had days like you have, but it’s odd, I’m now the opposite of who I was and wish to put on full fledge makeup everyday, only I don’t always have the time to. I used to not care as much about appearance, but now I like the ‘natural’ look too. You know the one, where you have to do a lot of primping to get that natural look..what an oxymoron.


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