With my mood being better, there is a part of me that is more focused on fixing everything that is wrong with me…and my aging body is giving me plenty of opportunities.

My eyes!  I’m a bit nearsighted but for the most part my eyes have served me well up to this point.   Well I think it is time for some reading glasses or even bifocals.  Yikes.  I have an eye appointment scheduled.

Hair.  I’ve always had mixed feelings about having to change myself to keep up with someone else’s beauty standards.  I’m not ready to go grey yet though.  So it looks like regular hair coloring until I decide to give up.  My hair has a straight fine texture to it.  The greys are often thicker and sometimes wavy or curly.  What the heck!  I don’t have that much grey, but they are all in a noticeable place.   Besides head hair I squint at the mirror to pull out those rebellious grey brows.  I don’t even want to talk about the occasional chin hair that I must yank out.

Since I have straight fine hair, for most of my life it usually looks better if I wash it daily.  The oil production has stopped  enough so that at least in winter it doesn’t need to be washed every day.

Strength and endurance.  If you don’t use it you lose it.  I used to be pretty strong, upper body wise….not any more.  It seems that if one doesn’t not exercise you can lose just a minimal baseline amount of strength and endurance quickly.

Skin.  I have these delightful brownish moles on my face called seborrheic keratosis.  They are harmless but the dermatologist said she can freeze them off if I would like.  I will probably make an appointment to do that soon.

4 thoughts on “Aging”

    1. Hi thanks for stopping by and commenting. Since the calendar doesn’t stop, yes one should embrace aging in a positive way. Right now I’m contemplating when and if I will color my grays next.

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