What sorts of scars do you have?  What sorts of stories do they tell?  Would you erase the scars if you could?  Are they a reminder of a traumatic time?

I recently met a lady that has severe burn scars.  The burns were inflicted on her by her then husband.  I could not imagine going through such violence.  I almost cried as she shared her story.  I’m sure her scars will not lessen much in visibility in her lifetime, they will be a reminder of the violence she endured.

I have all sorts of scars.  Most are tiny and have faded with time.  I’ve got a few scars from where I had stitches as a result of a childhood mishap.

I have a few puckery chickenpox scars.  I suppose these date me in a way.  My kids have had the varicella immunization so hopefully they will never go through chickenpox.  I also have what I think is a scar from the smallpox immunization.  This also dates me, is this is no longer routinely given.

Of course I have a bit of acne scarring.  These are mostly faded with time, but my skin is far from perfect.

I have a little scar on my leg from where I had an ugly but benign growth removed.  The scar is almost invisible now but it almost looks like a little flower, or a hand drawn rendition of the sun with sunbeams.

I have my nearly invisible(but not to me) C-section scars.  The skin around the scar feels oddly numb…but can occasionally feel painful is the skin gets tugged on.  But of course I wouldn’t trade those scars for anything.  Two C-sections resulted in two great kids.  Pain resulting in wonder.

As a nurse I see lots of scars.  A remnant that tells a little story about the person.  Sometimes I’m not always sure what the scars are from.  There are joint replacement scars,  cardiac bypass scars ,and  vertical scars from the older way of doing C-sections.  There are scars from accidents and scars from violence.

I recently met someone with a mostly faded whitish scar on his slightly tanned skin. It was on his face.  I wanted to ask what the scar was from but I thought it was none of my business.  Still I wanted to know the story.

I don’t think I would ever do anything to erase my scars.  I have some unfortunate looking scars from a laparoscopic gallbladder surgery.  Only my husband and I can see them.   That was the price to pay though to be free of my pesky pain producing gallbladder.

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