Post Holiday Musings on Depression

I had a rather mellow quiet holiday with my family, very stress free. Now it will be soon time to clean up the holiday decorations..ugh. Our weather in December was very mellow. Now that January and February await us I’m sure there will be plenty of miserable weather to come.
I think the post holiday months can be difficult for everyone. Then there are those pesky things called New Year’s Resolutions.
I saw my doctor a while ago. I am at my max dose of my antidepressant. Thinking about other things I can do to improve my depression….do some sort of talk therapy? I’ll have to find out if my insurance will cover it…but only one way to find out. I’m feeling better, but am wanting more. Will this be as good as it gets?
I often read post under the “Depression” tag on wordpress. I don’t get why some people attach the depression tag to their posts. This includes “dream big, dream often” who reblogs stuff for people that may not have anything to do with depression. Then there is “padriac guilfoyle” who posts all sorts of anti-alcohol stuff…not sure it all needs to be in the depression tag. Of course there are people posting thinly veiled advertisements for their shakeology business. No thank you.
I feel some really minimize what depression is. I was reading a post where the author said work can combat depression. Huh? I have been steadily employed for a very long time….I’m not sure I’ve seen the benefit yet. I wrote the part about work yesterday.  Today as I finish the draft I think in some situations work is beneficial for those with depression.  But no matter if I work or not when I get up in the morning my tendency toward depression will still be there. And of course eating healthily is important, but please understand that eating healthily is not a cure for everything.
I started reading Andrew Solomon’s book,The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression.  The author has depression himself, the book takes a look at many aspects of depression.  It is quite a dense, informative book so I am reading it more slowly.  I first heard of Andrew Solomon at One Sojourner’s blog where he shared a Ted Talk, that Solomon had given. Interesting Stuff.


6 thoughts on “Post Holiday Musings on Depression”

  1. I think a lot posts are tagged mostly in the hopes of generating traffic. Thus, they tag with the most popular tags.

    I think depression comes from a number of different things and is largely based upon people’s experiences and personality. I don’t think there is any single way to combat it but I do know the only thing that can change it is us. I believe that is why there is no miracle drug or no singular answer that blankets everyone. We have to find the avenue that is right for us when the time is right. I hope you find the right avenue.

    Wishing you the best for 2016.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. While I am not sure I will ever completely eliminate depression from my life, I feel as if I am more aggressive about pursuing what I can do to make my life better than I was in the past.


  2. Great post, Kate. You make some really good points. Depression isn’t something that can be magically fixed. It is something we (hope) we can control, and that we learn to live with. Good luck with your journey! And happy writing.

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  3. If your depression is worse in the winter, you may have Seasonal Affective Disorder. Many so afflicted (and my family is full of them) do much better through the winter if, first thing in the morning, they spend 20 minutes sitting in front of a full-spectrum light.

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