I’ve been a bit lazy since finishing my 30 days straight of blogging in November.  I haven’t disappeared yet though.  Just had a big supper and now we are all going to sit and watch football for a while.

I’ve been having some sinus issues this week and felt tired.  Went and saw a different doctor than my usual and he said he thought I am having allergy issues rather than a sinus infection(which was my guess).  I wouldn’t have suspected allergies since at this time of year there aren’t any outdoor triggers.  I sort of gave a silent “bah humbug” to the doctor, but I think perhaps he was right.  Now if I only knew what the trigger was.  I have been doing a lot of reading about dust mites….and doing a lot of cleaning…dust mites are fairly gross little creatures.

Sometimes I struggle whether knowing whether feelings of fatigue are caused by depression or other things.  I was certain I had some raging infection that I could blame my fatigue on.  I don’t think allergies would cause me to be so tired.  Who knows.  Anyway I have been feeling better since starting some new allergy medications.

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