11 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Happy day of gratitude. I didnt bake a single pie… And I had just received a gift of ten pounds of shelled pecans. next month is a better opportunity…with more peeps around to help consume. What is ur favorite pie?


      1. yumm, I think I prefer apple pie to pecan pie too. I make an apple pie with a cranberry chutney that is an annual favorite.


      1. I already feed pecans to plenty of squirrels..from my trees..which is why purchased ones are my only option.

        Do u know how to get rid of squirrels? I already tried some online tips..sprays..that didnt work.


      2. Bummer on the pecan stealing squirrels!

        Well, I wouldn’t recommend yelling at them. That doesn’t work. I would recommend a cat as it works in theory but they tend to just lay around.


      3. We don’t have pecan trees where I live, the squirrels go for oak trees with acorns. A dog will temporarily scare them away. but since the squirrels can climb into the tree they know they aren’t in serious danger.

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