Empty Spaces, part two

Yesterday I wrote about the empty spaces of time in my life, times in which I sometimes feel uncomfortable in because I haven’t always a concrete plan of what I should be doing.

I was thinking since I wrote this post that during these empty spaces I am alone with myself…giving me more time to ruminate about how I could better myself.   Maybe these empty spaces of time give me trouble because I still have yet to be at peace with who I really am.   But I know there are ways I can improve…why don’t I just go to what I need to do…instead of hating myself for not doing it(I’m talking about exercise here).

Next year at this time I’ll be making dinner for 3 instead of 4, since my daughter will be away at college.  I often think about how life will be different.  Life will be a little bit less busy.  What will I do with those empty spaces next year?  And what will my husband and I do after the youngest one graduates?   There I go worrying about years into the future when I just should figure out a plan for today.

What do I do to make myself comfortable with me?  Perhaps that sounds strange.    Thanks for reading my semi-coherent ramblings.

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