Frightful Weather

snLocation: Midwestern United States

Today is day 20 of my 30 day blogathon.  Hmm, what to write.  I’ll just write about ordinary life in my corner of the world.  We are supposed to be getting our first snowstorm today, and it is predicted to be a big one.  It is 38 degrees Farenheit outside.  Hopefully the temperature won’t dip down to freezing, and the weatherman will be wrong. The sky does have that ominous look, weather. I know I have a couple readers in warmer parts of the world who don’t have to deal with snow…lucky you.

I was at the grocery store getting a few things for the weekend, and for Thanksgiving which is next Thursday.  News of  bad weather will always bring more shoppers to the store in a panic, as if they have never faced winter weather before.  Cold weather makes me want to make all sorts of comfort food.

Everyone will be a bit nervous driving when the snow arrives….we’ll all be used to it when February rolls around and we are so over the snow.  I saw a pretty pearly white SUV…..that will soon be covered with the residue of slush and salt.

Ahh…who doesn’t love winter.




2 thoughts on “Frightful Weather”

  1. The only benefit I m finding from chillier days is that the streets r less busy. I think peeps here are going into in hibernating mode already. They seem to tolerate the hades heat better.

    You must share some of your winter scenes with us.

    I an
    I am enjoying a lovely autumn.

    Wishing u a safe winter, driving in your world.


  2. I love winter watched from afar from those sunny climes I now live in , for now I will enjoy seeing the pictures of newly laid snow knowing that I will no longer have to endure slush..frozen slush and slipping and sliding but will draw on my memories of tobogganing and making thank you in advance for all those lovely photos of pristine snow you will post and drive safely 🙂


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