In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “New Sensation.”

I have writer’s block today so I am finding inspiration from a prompt by talking about a trend I once found quite cool.

My hair is straight.  Growing up I received many messages that I would look more “done” , more feminine if my hair was curled. Anyone remember those pink sponge rollers, or those curlers that bore a slight resemblance to a wire brush.  On school picture day my mom would try to mold it into some style that was not  quite current for girls of my age…..God forbid I should be seen with my hair not done.

Soon I started hating my straight hair as well.  I tried to style it with a curling iron, or even those silly sponge rollers.

Next came years of frequent perms. Instead of having my shiny straight hair , I now had tangles of dry but curly hair. A few years down the road came the days of out of control perms, bangs that were teased to give them lots of height. This was all finished with a liberal spraying of Aqua Net.  In those days I thought my hair looked quite cute.

Who would have ever thought years later, straight hair would become desired and my daughter would be asking to help her use the flatiron to straighten her hair. I of course think her hair looks quite pretty in its natural state.

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