Thoughts for Saturday

Today was a quiet day.  I’m still trying to do the daily blogging thing, so far so good.  I had ribs for dinner tonight, yum.

The weather was nice today, warm enough to sit outside and read.  I watched a little green bug travel across my book.  Then I saw a ladybug more orange than red. I loved ladybugs when I was little.  I seem to remember them being more red in color back then.  It made me wonder do kids now get enthralled by such activities now that they have more entertainment options?

While I was outside I heard what sounded to be angry raking.  Good, I thought, it is about time you raked.  I don’t want all those leaves in my yard.  At first I thought it was my neighbor raking..he is pretty sloppy about maintaining his yard.  No, it was his ex- wife helping him rake. People are strange, huh.  I ‘m not divorced but if I were her I don’t think I would be helping my ex rake. Things were sloppy when she lived there as well, but not quite so bad.  I’d been half tempted to rake some of their leaves myself but I had not been aggravated enough yet to do so. I suppose that makes me a bit strange.

The events in France are so sad.  Thoughts and prayers for all affected. It is so difficult to understand what would motivate people to be so evil.

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