Is there anything new in the news today?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ripped from the Headlines!.”

In today’s prompt we are supposed to write a post inspired by something in the headlines.

I am in the grocery store aisle.  Almost every magazine has a Kardashian inspired story, some have a Kardashian on the cover.  Now for me, anything Kardashian related is an instant turnoff….but there must be other Americans who feel differently, otherwise we wouldn’t keep seeing their mugs everywhere.  I go to the CNN website…more news on the Khloe and Lamar situation…..why is Khloe’s every move breaking news?  Wasn’t she going out with James Harden….see I know more than I want to about her, you can’t escape it.  If it isn’t the Kardashians themselves, it is their long line of associated acts…Bruce/Caitlyn, Kanye etc., etc.  The Kardashian empire could potentially stop me from consuming any sort of media.  I usually watch the Today show in the morning.  I believe that NBC is owned by the same company  as the channel that airs the Kardashian shows.  So even Matt Lauer has to help pimp the Kardashian brand…once Kris had a cooking segment…give me a break.

Now this next topic should theoretically be more newsworthy but I am tiring of it as well.  It is a whole year until presidential elections in the US.  I’m getting so sick about hearing about the antics of Donald Trump.  I believe the media coverage of his antics takes away from in-depth coverage of the other candidates.

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