I’m trying to keep up with writing every day in November for NaBloPoMo..  Today I am a bit short on time and have some writer’s block.  Today’s daily prompt seems too hard.  Would be posts floating around in my head seem like they would take too long to complete.

I have trouble sleeping sometimes, so I have the bad habit of surfing the net while I try to get some zzz’s.  It made me wonder if the solution to all of my problems is terribly obvious to everyone else, but not to me.

Like last night I came across the blog of a young woman who was lamenting her problems with finding and keeping her Prince Charming.  On the blog she had a pic of her feet.  Her toenails were like talons. If I were less kind I would share a link. Even though I am a nurse feet can be pretty icky, especially when people cannot or will not take care of their feet.

The young woman said she knew her toenails were a bit long, but she’d had trouble getting in for a pedicure.  I thought to myself, you are a young woman, is there a reason you can’t cut your own toenails?

I’m not a guy, but if I came across those toenails on a woman, I might think twice.  I wonder if anyone would be brutal enough to tell her she needed to step it up in the grooming department just a bit.

What brutal things would people tell me to do to improve my life?  Hmm, I’m not sure I want to ponder that for too long.