More Musings on Depression

I sometimes read posts from the “depression” tag on wordpress.  There is a lot of darkness and pain in the words shared there.  Sometimes I  guess I am hoping for just a tidbit that will help me just a bit more in this journey.

Sometimes you’ll find posts that don’t seem to really fit into the depression tag though.  Posts which are basically scammy advertisements for some sort of product to miraculously rid you of your depression.  Or posts just hoping to get more clicks.

I can do without many of the religious posts on depression.  Please don’t tell me it is a problem of the spirit, that is I just “take every thought captive”, I’ll be cured.  There is a certain contingent of Christianity that seems to have a big problem with medication to help depression…quite odd.

I think my mood is much better.  I am angry about something at work though, something that won’t be solved.  It is hard to stop myself from ruminating excessively though, so that it does not feed more negative thoughts.

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