Leaving(not really)

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “If You Leave.”

With this prompt we are to explore the last thing we contemplated leaving.  I have no plans of moving anytime soon.  I’m happily married.  So that leaves me with my job.

There are a lot of practical reasons not to leave my job.  Despite by mutterings I doubt I will leave it any time soon.  I’m sure many others have similar feelings about their jobs but I am so sick of the peripheral bullshit and dysfunction.  If I left this job to find another, I could find a fresh batch of dysfunction. one that hasn’t become quite so frustrating to me yet.

A couple of my supervisors have this odd mindset.  They will frequently have a couple employees they feel sorry for.  Because these employees have oh so very difficult lives, there is very little expectation of accountability.  I’m not sure why my supervisors get so attached to these projects(people), but if you dare complain they will visibly bristle.  The people who clean up their messes every day and take on the work that the  little darlings won’t finish…they mean nothing.  But isn’t it wonderful that my supervisors can be so accommodating and flexible to meet the all of the little darling’s needs.

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